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Frequently Asked Questions

What supplies do you bring, will I have to purchase anything?

Every bar comes fully equipped with bar tools, garnishes (limes, lemons and oranges), cups, straws, napkins, ice, complementary water, coolers, decor and drink menu. You will not have to purchase any material for your bar.

Can we swap the beer, wine or liquor selections?

Yes definitely! We are here to work with you and help make your day as perfect as possible. We can swap out anything that is of equivalent value. We can also add things for a small fee. 

What non-alcoholic options do you supply, can you make mocktails?

Every bar comes with Coke, Diet Coke, Ginger ale, Sprite, Cranberry juice, Pineapple Juice, Orange juice, Grenadine and Water. We can certainly make mocktails for those guests who are not drinking! We can also discuss adding a specialty mocktail signature drink if you are looking for something extra special. 

Do you have hourly minimums or limits?

We do not have any hourly minimums or limits but do suggest that clients stay within 4-5hrs of service if they are trying to stay in budget. Events over 5 hours can impact the price of your party. Cash bars are not impacted by the length of your event.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, upon signing your contract a 50% deposit is due to secure your date.  

Do I need to purchase the alcohol?

Nope! Each package comes with the proper amount of alcohol for your event including liquor, beer and wine. 

Am I able to supply my own alcohol?

Due to holding a liquor permit clients are not allowed to supply their own alcohol in Connecticut. 

How many bartenders will be at my event?

We always supply at least two bartenders for every event to make sure drink service is fast and efficient. For larger events 150+ we would supply 3-4 bartenders. 

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